Team D

Team D is an extremely fun and lively team. We put the fun in G&D. Our main goal is to build a stronger relationship between medical students and the teaching faculty at Alfaisal University. This is achieved by interactive events like Hot Seat and Lunch with a Professor, and by allocating batch committees and representatives.


Hot Seat


Hot Seat is an event that truly brings the student body and professors closer. A doctor is chosen by the students to be the guest of honor. The doctor is then interviewed based on questions that the students sent anonymously.


Lunch with a Professor


Lunch with a Professor is an event in which each batch chooses a specific doctor to have lunch with. This gives the students a chance to get to know the doctor more on a personal level.


Batch Representatives and Committees


Each year different students are elected to fill the positions of batch representatives and committee leaders. These entities empower students to voice out their concerns to faculty, and to create a supportive and amiable environment within the batch.

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