Educational School Trip

An educational school trip was held on Wednesday 31st of October, where MSA events team went to visit Here 2 Grow School from 10:00am until 12:00pm, with an aim to raise awareness among their students about living a healthy lifestyle. Multiple booths where set up with different activities. There was an educational booth talking about how to live a healthy lifestyle and why is it important, also teaching the student about self-hygiene, a fun activity booth where students got to exercise and do some physical activates with an entertaining twist, also a booth displaying different types of healthy foods to encourage students to try them out. We contacted the National Pharmaceutical Company and were able to get around 200 hand sanitizers completely free of charge to provide the children at the school and promote good hygeine. Furthermore, a challenge booth with healthy lifestyle related questions. Lastly, goody bags where distributed among the student to make the event more memorable.

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