Schizophrenia Awareness

By Awareness Team

Photos were taken by MedTimes

Starting the first awareness event of the year it’s important to set the bar high and make sure we can put a positive impression on the MSA events awareness team, which is exactly what happened in the recent schizophrenia event. The event was set up as a partnership with a third party organisation through an alfaisal alumni, the MSA’s role was to set up the venue, booth, logistics and food. The booth was a great success with the highlight being the virtual reality simulations to put visitors in the shoe of a schizophrenia patient so they can get a first-hand view of the disease, advertisement of the event was on the different social media platforms which attracted a small handful of medical students but the main attraction audience point of the event was interns and doctors which were attracted by our partner. If I were to improve one thing at the event it would be the lack of adequate communication between the MSA and the third party organisation

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