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About Us:

We support the delivery of quality and efficiency within the MSA by coordinating the implementation of the committee’s evaluation. To be effective we require the support of everyone since our evaluation will eventually help you to improve the overall quality of your work

Q&S Structure:




Odai Sahwan


Performance Team:


Kenan Shawwaf

Eman Ahmad

Areej Saleem

Ayman Elghazaly

Mohammed Ghosheh

Amal Mohsen

Nader Fawzy

Khadijah Mustafa

Abdalrahman Abuzubida

Kenan Abou Chaer

Hiba Alraheel


Reward Team:

Ali Hassan Mushtaq

Rana Abdo

Abdulrahman Senjab

Shaima Proma

Saima Fakih

Farah Alsuwailem Haroon



Report Team:


Nida Suhail

Nour Arakil