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About Public Relations

Nowadays, everything spreads globally with a click of a button. As the MSA, we are keen to share the life of all medical students in Alfaisal to the world because we’re not your typical medical students. Each and every single one of us has their own talent that should be brought out to the open. MSA PR is the window to that. MSA PR is the image of Alfaisal’s College of Medicine, its faculty, and its students. It broadcasts their achievements, activities, and what's happening on campus to the outer world. It is the network that gathers the family of Alfaisal medical students online. This is why we’re an important committee. For that we will be using all our abilities and skills in order to improve this committee and build upon the work of previous teams to strengthen the bond between our students and faculty and to show the world more of Alfaisal.


Public Relations division of the MSA is tailored towards interacting with the student body. This ranges from promoting events through social media to be the basis of communication between the student body and the MSA. One of our core objectives is to raise awareness and publicity for the MSA itself and all of its events. The team is further divided into subcategories that specialize in achieving our goals: The Video team, the Data Collectors team, the Design team and the Social Media team. We all have one characteristic in common, and that is creativity. Public Relations is the gateway to sharing all our creativity amongst each other and the public. We also try to uncover those hidden talents we have in Alfaisal and give them the opportunity to showcase them on the widest scale possible.

We plan to make you shine through our lenses.

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