Paintball Night

By Party Team

Photos were taken by MedTimes

Successfully hosted paintball at Alfaisal for the first time ever! This was the first event held by the events team and proved to be very challenging, as it was held so early in the academic year. But the team was able to quickly and efficiently organize their structure and proceed to work on this event in the limited time they had.  
The event was held on the 4th and 5th of October from 4-10pm and proved to be a huge success, with the number of visitors greatly exceeding our expectations for both males and females. The main attraction was an outdoor paintball field where visitors were able to play a 30 minute game of paintball with and against their friends and classmates. What made this event so special was how involved the faculty were in the fun and games. A high publicized paintball game between the Business and Medicine professors kicked off the event on the males day which attracted a huge crowd. Other activities included Dart football, Sniper Rifles, Target Shooting and bungee running. Food trucks were also available providing visitors with hot meals, refreshing drinks
and tasty snacks. Tickets were sold by the events team which helped cover some of the costs and helped keep the spending on this event surprisingly low. 

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