ABOUT MedTimes

Founded with a single goal in mind- to be the voice of students. Equipped with a philosophy of ‘for the students and by the students’ the med times started.

We make it our mission to provide our readers with engaging, thought-provoking articles; reports and coverage of all events on campus; news and events from the various clubs at the university; comics and other humorous pieces to lighten the mood; captivating interviews of unique and prolific students or popular and beloved faculty; and most important of all platform for them to showcase their talents be it in poetry, creative writing, art or photography.

What started as a simple newsletter has expanded to include yearly magazines, graduation yearbooks, and an extremely active social media outlet in the form of twitter and facebook. Med times also holds multitudes of competitions organized yearly for a wide variety of fields such as art, writing, poetry etc. The recent addition of comic strips bears witness to the constant innovation and improvement that we stress upon assisted by feedback and constructive criticism we receive from all our readers.

Through time med times has grown from a handful of students to a large organization with multiple teams and divisions. However, we are still bound by values such as teamwork, integrity, and professionalism.


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