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اﻟﯾوم اﻟﻌﺎﻟﻣﻲ ﻟﻣرﺿﻰ اﻟﺳﻛري

معرض مقدم من مركز الاستجابة الأولية الطبي يقدم فكرة توعوية عن مرض السكري و كيفية اكتشافه مبكرا

Awarding Ceremony

The awarding ceremony is a yearly habit in which the COM awards and shows appreciation to the highest achieving students where they also get to invite their families to share their joy.

Pioneers in Medicine

It is an initiative that bridges those individuals who excelled at medicine with those who aspire to do so. We will contact and approach several medical doctors who added significantly to the pool of health sciences, and whom efforts in improving healthcare are praiseworthy. The event is planned to be hosted in Princess Haya Auditorium where we will be expecting attendees who are medical students in Alfaisal and other universities of Riyadh.

جبل طويق

The idea is to go back to how things were in the 1970’s and 2000’s all the way to today. The event will be held in a tent in front of the Princess Haya auditorium. As soon as you enter the tent it will be as if you will walk through a timeline. Let’s say the first date we start as is the 1970- so in the tent the first corner you start at will have the 1970s feelà from music, to décor, to style and to food, you feel like you are living in the movement. We will have a photo-booth where people can capture the moment. Also, medical achievements in each era will be mentioned. Moving on to the next decade and the one after that. We will have sponsors and food trucks selling food as well. Males and females will take part in the event.

Night of Paradox

Whether you’re into comics or horror, from Batman to Pennywise the clown, this is a day to dress up and party. The night will be rich in activities, from haunted houses, to delicious foods and special shows. In order to keep it interesting we will have a band playing some music and some shows (sand art and so on). For the haunted house it will be a series of rooms where people would walk through. With the use of music and creativity we may be able to get a scare out of people. We will decorate a hall and make a true experience. The theme of the event will be gloomy and interesting. Halls and the area in front of the Princess Haya auditorium would be filled of interesting pieces and some games on the side to keep it interactive. Games may include mini magic shows (deck of cards) and some challenges (popping a balloon with a dart).  The goal here is to give students a moment to breath. It will be a day for males and a day for females. We will have sponsors and food trucks selling food at the event.  Overall the shows will be held at the male theater and the haunted house in some class rooms. The area in front of the auditorium will be where the food trucks and activities will be held. 

MSA Night Out 

We will have a lot of games and activities at the event from sumo wrestling, hamster ball race, and much more. We will also hold a fifa tournament and have food trucks. We will also have some sponsors to support us during the event. It is a night for medical students to relax.


 A university trip to a place such as the “Edge of The World” which is near Riyadh with several activities.  The activities held will be hiking, quad bike rides along with a BBQ and some traditional activities. We have contacted several companies who organize such events. Ghazi_tours11 (Instagram account) rents an area at the edge of the world where all the activities are held. They provide transportation to the area and back. Males and females will each have a different night.

Winter Games

A tournament between the different universities - colleges of medicine in Riyadh. We will communicate with the General Sports Authority and have their support. There will be tournaments for males and females (separate) of basketball, ping pong, football, electronic games competition and many more. We will have prizes for all the winners as well.

About Us

Built on a delegation healthy structure The MSA events structure has been designed to allow even the lowest of hierarchy to voice their ideas. The MSA events team organisation is split up into three main groups which makes the pillars of our growing success; party team, awareness team and awarding team. Each sub-committee has a respective female and male sub-head to ensure fluidity in all organisational logistics. Furthermore, we have three coordinators assigned to each of the subcommittees and on top of the hierarchy two heads to insure strong inter-organisational relationships.


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