The Treasury Committee is responsible for allocating MSA funding proposals,
budgeting, and keeping track of MSA committees’ spendings to make sure that
every committee will not have any financial shortage. The chief task is to
collaborate with sponsors for all of MSA’s big events and activities to minimize
MSA’s expenses. Moreover, we seek to get valuable discounts for all our students
on both academic and non-academic products and services.

Sponsorship Team:

The team's task is to get sponsors for MSA. How? By
studying the potential sponsors and targeting them. Whomever member gets a
monetary proposal, he/she will be awarded 10% of that sponsorship contract.

Accounting Team:

Aims to stay up to date with the finances of each committee
and makes sure the expenditure of each committee is managed properly and
recorded. They also make a monthly report for each committee and a quarterly
MSA expenditure report.

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