About Growth and Development

The Growth and development committee focuses on improving both the academic and personal skills of the student.

Communication Team

The communications team is in charge of nourishing the relationship between the students and the doctors to create a better learning environment in the university. They do this through hosting events such as jeopardy and hot seat.

Future Planning

The Future planning team's main goal is to help the students familiarize themselves with what they have to do after they graduate with a medical degree. This ranges from workshops on how to tackle the USMLE, and other board exams, to talks about Masters degrees and research.

Self-Development Team

Self-development focuses on the skills that the students need here and now. They do that by guiding the BLCs and batch committee heads and also by giving self-help talks such as how to deal with mental health and public speaking workshops.

Academic Team

The academics team is in charge of supporting the academic life of students through organizing PAL sessions and maintaining the MSA library so the students have access to the resources they need throughout the year.

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